Why Use The AptPay Hub?

Simple Integration

Connects seamlessly through open API integration or through Web Portal to any channel, providing customers with flexibility, control, security and speed.

Speed & Improved Service

Receiver inputs their card number and money is received in their account via the card in near real-time.* Funds are made available to customers and suppliers anytime, anywhere in the financial accounts of their choosing.

Security & Stability

Best-in-class security tools and capabilities for managing regulatory, financial and fraud risk including real-time account verification. MASTERCARD and VISA CERTIFIED – backed by the security & reliability of the largest global payment networks

Ubiquity & Efficiency

Can send funds to both card and non-card end points, including accounts, mobile wallets and cash-out locations. Helps drive efficiencies within payout processes and systems.


Provides real-time visibility and multi-level transaction controls, such as transaction limits and velocity controls, plus the ability to set your own margins as well as manually approve, reject, or reverse a given payment if required.


A single API or Web Portal connection to virtually all debit cards, credit cards and reloadable prepaid cards. White-label options are also available to promote your own brand and customer service values.


Simple Integration with our API

  • Easily integrate with our one unified open API
  • Control and own your user experience and journey
  • Omni-channel applications (mobile, website, face-to-face)
  • Available for direct merchant or reseller applications

Web Portal

Our Ready-to-use, One-stop Web Portal Solution

  • A Web-based platform solution
  • Presents easy and simple UI and can be white-labelled
  • For clients who do not have a current UI or do not want to develop to their existing UI
  • Perfect for a pilot or live test of the payout experience
  • Omni-channel applications (mobile, website, face-to-face)
  • Available for direct merchant or reseller applications


Simplify your technical integration even further

We have a range of SDK’s available to further simplify your technical integration and/or reduce compliance and scope requirements. We have SDK’s for card tokenization, KYC verification and merchant onboarding