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What Are Direct Debit Benefits?

No More Chargebacks

Eliminate the hassle of chargebacks, ensuring businesses smoothly collect every due penny without disputes.

Choose Your Payment Mode

Flexibility in the forefront; adapt payment modes to fit the unique needs of each vendor or customer.

Always Open, Always On

Our service doesn't sleep, ensuring businesses can collect funds any time, any day, boosting cash flow consistency.

Streamline Your Collections

Experience a seamless payment collection process, tailored for businesses keen on efficiency.

Chargeback Worries Gone

In the challenging realm of transactions, businesses often find themselves grappling with the uncertainties of chargebacks. But with our Instant Direct Debit, these concerns become a thing of the past. Designed meticulously for businesses like yours, this product not only streamlines payment collection but also ensures that once a payment is secured, it stays secured.

No disputes, no unexpected financial setbacks, just consistent, reliable cash flow. Because when businesses partner with our payment solutions, they're not just getting a service; they're securing peace of mind. Embrace a world where your collections are uncompromised.

Always On

In the high-paced world of business, time waits for no one. This is why our Instant Direct Debit is engineered for continuous, 24/7 availability. When businesses operate beyond the conventional 9 to 5, why should their payment methods lag behind?

With our solution, businesses are empowered to collect funds from their customers or vendors anytime, day or night, ensuring an uninterrupted cash flow. Imagine a world where your revenue isn't bound by time constraints, where opportunities aren't missed due to off-hours. That's the promise of our product – a relentless partner in your financial journey, always on, always collecting.

Adapt with Payment Flexibility

The landscape of business is ever-changing, and as it evolves, so do the needs and preferences of your clients. Understanding this, our Instant Direct Debit has been masterfully crafted to offer flexible payment modes. Whether your customer prefers a one-time transaction or a recurring payment setup, our platform is agile enough to cater to their unique requirements.

No more lost opportunities due to rigid payment systems; instead, provide a tailored experience that your vendors and customers will appreciate. Because in the dynamic world of business transactions, flexibility isn't just a benefit; it's a necessity. Adapt, grow, and thrive with our adaptable payment solutions.

Why Use Direct Debit?

Funding Without Chargebacks

Secure your funding endeavors with our Instant Direct Debit, ensuring smooth transactions without the dread of chargebacks.

One-Time, Always Streamlined

Effortlessly process one-time payments, leveraging our streamlined business payment system for maximum efficiency.

Flexible Subscription Payments

Offer your customers the ease of adaptive subscription payments, adjusting to their preferences while maintaining flexibility.

24/7 Collections

With our round-the-clock availability, transform your collections process, ensuring you're always ready, always collecting.

Spaces We're Disrupting

B2C Payouts


Gig Economy

Earned Wage Access

Cross-Border Payments

Lotteries & Gambling

Government Aid



B2B Payments

Rapid Merchant Settlements

Accounts Payable

Cross-Border Payments

Online Market Places

What is an Orchestration Engine

AptPay has developed a comprehensive ecosystem that combines payment and compliance services. This orchestration engine consolidates all payment methods, from domestic payment processing to instant fund disbursement and cross-border remittances.

It also integrates verification processes such as KYC, AML checks, sanction screening, and other regulatory assessments, enhancing its overall power and efficiency. Enter the Orchestration Engine. Discover the future of seamless transactions and compliance with AptPay today.

Your Business. Our Platform. Payments Evolved

Seamless Payment Experience: Our platform isn't just about payments – it’s about powering your business. In today's fast-paced business world, you can't afford hitches.

Our platform streamlines your payment processes, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. With easy integration backed by comprehensive documentation, even the least tech-savvy can master our platform, boosting business growth and efficiency.

Unlock Effortless API Integration

Streamline and Secure: Our API solution isn't just about easing payment processes; it's about revolutionizing them. When you integrate with our platform, you're not only streamlining your financial procedures but also ensuring top-notch security.

With encryption and tokenization at its core, you can guarantee your clients that their transactions are in safe hands, while our comprehensive documentation makes the integration journey as smooth as silk.