Use Cases

Companies can utilize the many services offered by AptPay to streamline and digitize how they manage disbursements with minimal technical and compliance effort

Improved Service to Clients and Staff

B2C Payouts

Insurance / Healthcare

Insurance companies can eliminate long-timelines and pay their clients in real-time* with minimal effort.

Gig Economy

With the Gig Economy booming after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies should look to pay workers in real-time* and as they earn.

Earned Wages Access (EWA)

Solutions that enable businesses to provide employees with access to their earned wages between traditional or bi-monthly pay cycles.

Lotteries & Gambling

Gaming and gambling operators can gain a considerable competitive advantage within the industry by providing guests with instant digital access to their winnings without the need for cash.

Government Aid

Government Aid is not just about providing financial aid but also about getting funds to recipients as fast as possible. Assisting governments to provide better service through government aid programs by ensuring recipients have instant access to funds.

Cross-Border Payments

Send money across 140+ countries with unprecedented speed.


Within the travel industry, where customers need to be compensated for delays, cancellations, refunds, operators need to have a simple, safe, and efficient way to make this payout to customers.


Lenders can gain a considerable competitive advantage by paying loans in real-time* and making funds instantly accessible.

Improved Cash Flow

B2B Payments

Rapid Merchant Settlements

Pay merchants in real-time* providing them with faster settlements and instant access to their sales revenues.

Accounts Payable

Improve vendor/supplier relations & terms by paying accounts/bills instantly in real-time*, with no need for cheques, wire, or EFTs. Improved cash flow management and payment terms with no need for long lead times and payees/suppliers/vendors get instant access to their funds.

Cross-Border Payments

Send money instantly and securely to 140+ countries.

Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces can pay sellers in real-time*, providing them with instant access to their sales revenues/funds.