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Apt Pay Inc is a Payment service provider that provides Financial services in North America. Apt Pay Inc is also known as: Apt Pay, AptPay Inc, and Aptpay. Apt Pay is a privately held corporation in the Finance industry. Apt Pay was founded in 2019 by Suganthan Vishnu Krisnarajah and Roman Barnes. Apt Pay has 11-50 employees and has headquarters in Toronto Canada.

Apt Pay Payment system include: Electronic funds transfer, Direct deposit, Direct debit, Automated clearing house, Instant payment, Interac e-Transfer, Remittance, Payment processor, Payment gateway, and prepaid debit card. Apt Pay provides Financial services to the following Market segments: Business-to-business, Business-to-consumer, Government-to-business, and Government-to-citizen.

Apt Pay provides Financial services to the following Geographies: United States and Canada. Apt Pay provides Financial services to the following Industries: Retail, Education, Technology, Software, Investment, Transport, Finance, Information technology, Financial services, Business administration, Gambling, Loan, Insurance, and Health care.

Apt Pay’s Mission is to drive an improved customer experience by enabling faster payouts on a more secure ecosystem via a simple integration.

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