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What Are Mastercard SEND Benefits?

Rapid Business Payouts

Accelerate your business growth with near real-time transfers ensuring vendors and customers are paid swiftly.

Secured Transaction Everytime

Peace of mind in every transaction. Prioritized safety ensures your disbursements to vendors and customers remain secure.

Always On, Always Ready

Stay ahead in business. Access funds round-the-clock, delivering unmatched digital convenience to your vendors and customers.

Fees Made For You

Drive profitability with flexible pricing. Customized fee structures tailored for SMEs to maximize benefit in every disbursement.

Speedy Payouts

Faster Payouts, Happier Customers

In the fast-paced world of business, Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) know the importance of timely payments to maintain trust and smooth operations. With Mastercard Send, you’re not just speeding up transactions; you’re elevating the way you do business.

This near real-time push payment solution ensures that your vendors and customers receive funds fast, reinforcing your reputation as a reliable partner. Empower your business relations, eliminate waiting periods, and watch as satisfaction skyrockets. Every second counts in B2B, and with Mastercard Send, you’re always ahead.

Enhance Customer Happiness with Swift Payouts
MasterCard Send Delivers Speed and Reliability

Ever Digital

Always On, Pure Digital

Imagine a world where your business operates without boundaries. With MasterCard Send, businesses gain unparalleled access to 24/7 fund transfers. Seamlessly disburse to your customers or vendors at any hour, providing unmatched convenience in today’s digital age.

The essence of efficient B2B operations lies in near real-time transactions, and with this platform, you’re not just adapting to the future – you’re leading it. Boost your vendor relations and customer satisfaction with the speed and reliability of MasterCard Send. The future of digital payments is here. Join the revolution.

Adaptive Profits

Flexible Fees Boost Profits

MasterCard Send offers your business tailored fees and flexible pricing options. It’s designed with Small and Medium-sized businesses in mind, especially when you need to disburse funds to your valued customers or vendors.

With such adaptability in pricing, you can ensure efficient money management while enhancing profitability. Boost your business’s growth by ensuring timely and secure transactions. Choose MasterCard Send: the optimum solution for your B2B disbursement needs.

Optimize Your Business with Customized Pricing

Use Cases

Why Use Mastercard SEND?

Gambling Payouts

Experience near real-time cash outs with MasterCard Send’s encrypted, immediate transfer for patron winnings.

Insurance Disbursements

Securely settle claims any time, day or night, with MasterCard Send’s 24/7 digital convenience.

Lending Payouts

Accelerate business growth by allowing customers to access lending payouts instantly, safely, and on tailored fees.

Vendor Payments

Keep business running smoothly, paying vendors instantly and securely around the clock, with flexible pricing.

Our Spaces

Spaces We’re Disrupting

B2C Payouts

  • Insurance/Healthcare
  • Gig Economy
  • Earned Wage Access
  • Cross-Border Payments
  • Lotteries & Gambling
  • Government Aid
  • Travel
  • Lending

B2B Payments

  • Rapid Merchant Settlements
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cross-Border Payments
  • Online Market Places
Reshaping Industries for the Digital Age
AptPay's orchestration engine overview

Payment Orchestration

What is an Orchestration Engine

AptPay has developed a comprehensive ecosystem that combines payment and compliance services. This orchestration engine consolidates all payment methods, from domestic payment processing to instant fund disbursement and cross-border remittances.

It also integrates verification processes such as KYC, AML checks, sanction screening, and other regulatory assessments, enhancing its overall power and efficiency. Enter the Orchestration Engine. Discover the future of seamless transactions and compliance with AptPay today.


Your Business. Our Platform. Payments Evolved

Seamless Payment Experience: Our platform isn’t just about payments – it’s about powering your business. In today’s fast-paced business world, you can’t afford hitches.

Our platform streamlines your payment processes, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. With easy integration backed by comprehensive documentation, even the least tech-savvy can master our platform, boosting business growth and efficiency.

Powering Payments Solutions For Businesses
AptPay's simple and secure API integration


Unlock Effortless API Integration

Streamline and Secure: Our API solution isn’t just about easing payment processes; it’s about revolutionizing them. When you integrate with our platform, you’re not only streamlining your financial procedures but also ensuring top-notch security.

With encryption and tokenization at its core, you can guarantee your clients that their transactions are in safe hands, while our comprehensive documentation makes the integration journey as smooth as silk.