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Apt-Send is a digital payment service that facilitates real-time, instant payouts directly into any bank account within North America. With lightning-fast payouts, custom fees, and robust security measures, APT-SEND is ideal for various payouts including insurance, lending, gambling, and payroll, ensuring transactions are not only fast but also safe and tailored to each business’s needs. This service enhances our comprehensive ecosystem of payment and compliance solutions, designed to support businesses in their growth and operational efficiency.

APT-SEND real-time instant payouts


What Are APT-Send Benefits?

24/7 Digital Access

Keep your business moving at any hour with APT-SEND’s round-the-clock digital access. Ideal for businesses operating in different time zones or requiring non-stop payment solutions.

Lightning Fast Payouts

Experience the advantage of lightning-fast payments with APT-SEND. Ideal for businesses that prioritize immediate disbursement to vendors and customers, ensuring timely and efficient transactions.

Custom Fees for Your Needs

APT-SEND adapts to your business’s unique financial needs with flexible, tailored pricing. Efficiently manage your costs while delivering optimal value to your customers and vendors.

Security in Every Transfer

Ensure the utmost security in every transaction your business conducts. With APT-SEND, enjoy peace of mind knowing each payment is protected with robust encryption.

Open Always

Always Open, Always Ready

In today’s dynamic business environment, where time zones blur and markets never sleep, small and medium-sized businesses need a financial partner that’s as agile and ever-present as they are. APT-SEND addresses this need head-on with its 24/7 availability, offering unparalleled digital convenience. This round-the-clock availability ensures that businesses can manage their financial transactions whenever needed, without any delay.

Whether it’s disbursing payments to vendors in the early hours of the morning or processing customer refunds late at night, APT-SEND stands ready. This continuous access not only streamlines operations but also enhances compliance by enabling businesses to respond promptly to financial obligations and opportunities. In essence, APT-SEND’s 24/7 availability transforms the way small and medium-sized businesses approach their financial transactions, making every second count in a world where timing is everything.

APT-SEND 24/7 digital financial transactions Always-On push payments
APT-SEND flexible pricing for money transfers Custom cost solutions for push payments

Custom Pricing

Custom Pricing for Your Needs

In the realm of small and medium-sized businesses, where every dollar counts, having a financial tool that adapts to your unique budgetary needs isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential. APT-SEND rises to this challenge with its flexible pricing and tailored fees. This empowers businesses to choose a pricing structure that aligns with their financial reality and transaction volume, ensuring they only pay for what they need.

Whether it’s handling large volumes of disbursements to vendors or managing sporadic transactions with customers, APT-SEND’s adaptable fee structure accommodates all. This flexibility not only aids in better financial management but also enhances compliance by allowing businesses to maintain a sustainable and predictable cost structure. No more one-size-fits-all pricing—APT-SEND’s tailored approach means small and medium-sized businesses can enjoy a payment service that’s as unique as their business needs, ensuring financial operations are as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Speedy Payments

Speed in Every Payment

In the competitive landscape where small and medium-sized businesses operate, the speed of financial transactions can be a game-changer. APT-SEND understands this critical need and offers immediate transfer and faster payment capabilities, setting a new standard in transaction efficiency. This benefit is particularly crucial for businesses that rely on swift disbursements to their customers or vendors. By enabling near-instantaneous transfers, APT-SEND ensures that these businesses can maintain healthy cash flows, meet urgent financial commitments, and enhance their reputation for reliability and efficiency. This rapid transaction capability is not just about speed; it’s also a tool for compliance, enabling businesses to meet financial obligations on time, every time.

Whether it’s paying a supplier at the eleventh hour or refunding a customer promptly, APT-SEND’s near-real time payment solution empowers businesses with the agility to respond to financial scenarios swiftly and decisively. For businesses looking to stay ahead in a fast-moving world, APT-SEND’s immediate transfer feature is the ally they need for financial agility and success.

APT-SEND Speedy Payments Quick Disbursements with push payments

Use Cases

Why Use APT-Send?

Insurance Disbursements

With APT-SEND, insurance companies can guarantee safe, encrypted disbursements to claimants, ensuring trust and efficiency in every transaction.

Lending Payouts

Lenders can leverage APT-SEND’s fast payment and flexible pricing to streamline their loan disbursement process, offering clients quick and tailored financial solutions.

Gambling Payouts

For gambling platforms, APT-SEND ensures immediate and secure payouts, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust in their payment systems.

Payroll Payments

Businesses can utilize APT-SEND’s 24/7 access to process payroll anytime, ensuring timely and convenient salary disbursement to employees.

AptPay's orchestration engine overview

Payment Orchestration

What is an Orchestration Engine

AptPay has developed a comprehensive ecosystem that combines payment and compliance services. This orchestration engine consolidates all payment methods, from domestic payment processing to instant fund disbursement and cross-border remittances.

It also integrates verification processes such as KYC, AML checks, sanction screening, and other regulatory assessments, enhancing its overall power and efficiency. Enter the Orchestration Engine. Discover the future of seamless transactions and compliance with AptPay today.


Your Business. Our Platform. Payments Evolved

Seamless Payment Experience: Our platform isn’t just about payments – it’s about powering your business. In today’s fast-paced business world, you can’t afford hitches.

Our platform streamlines your payment processes, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. With easy integration backed by comprehensive documentation, even the least tech-savvy can master our platform, boosting business growth and efficiency.

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AptPay's simple and secure push payments API integration


Unlock Effortless API Integration

Streamline and Secure: Our API solution isn’t just about easing payment processes; it’s about revolutionizing them. When you integrate with our platform, you’re not only streamlining your financial procedures but also ensuring top-notch security.

With encryption and tokenization at its core, you can guarantee your clients that their transactions are in safe hands, while our comprehensive documentation makes the integration journey as smooth as silk.

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