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Industry Information

Stay Ahead of Chargeback Challenges in Travel

The pandemic has led to a significant increase in chargebacks in the travel industry, as customers sought refunds for canceled flights and other travel services.  

According to a study by Midigator, the travel industry accounted for roughly 1 in 8 chargebacks issued in 2019, and post-pandemic, the number of fraudulent chargeback issuances rose by 41% across all merchant verticals.  

Another study by Chargebacks911 and Airline Information warned that a 10% chargeback reversal rate could prove to be a fatal blow to travel merchants’ chances of survival in the post-Covid landscape.

Zero chargebacks in travel industry payments


Tailor-Made Payment Solutions for Travel & Hospitality

Integrating Payments for Tomorrow’s Travel Needs


Expedite Refunds and Payments for Enhanced Traveler Satisfaction 

  • Rapid refunds for cancellations and booking changes 
  • Efficient payment to travel agents and operators 
  • Streamlined supplier payments for seamless operations 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with quick transactions 
  • Global reach, supporting diverse payment networks 
  • Secure, reliable, and trusted payment platform
  • 24/7 availability for worldwide transactions 

Auto Deposit (EFT or ACH Credit)

Convenient and efficient payment automation 

  • Automate payments to hotels, airlines, tour operators 
  • Streamlined payroll for staff and seasonal workers 
  • Automated commission payments to agents and platforms 
  • Enhance operational efficiency with regular payments 
  • Secure, fast, and reliable transaction processing 
  • Easily manage large-scale payment disbursements 
  • Cost-efficient

Direct Debit

Effortless Recurring Payment Management for Travel Services 

  • Automated collections for travel club memberships 
  • Efficient premium loyalty program fee collection 
  • Streamline recurring payments for subscription services 
  • Enhance customer retention with easy payments 
  • Secure, consistent cash flow management 
  • Reliable and timely fund collection 
  • User-friendly interface for easy setup and management


Boost Occupancy Rates with Efficient Financial Transactions


Increased Revenue Opportunities

The ease and reliability of our payment solutions encourage repeat bookings and foster the development of premium loyalty programs, driving revenue growth.


Reduction in Administrative Overhead

By automating payment processes, our solutions significantly reduce the time and resources spent on manual payment handling and tracking.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Quick processing of refunds and payments with Apt-Send ensures customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty and repeat business.


Improved Cash Flow Management

Our solutions enable better control over financial inflows and outflows, ensuring a healthier and more predictable cash flow.


Seamless Operational Efficiency

Automated payment systems streamline operations, from supplier dealings to staff payroll, allowing for smoother business management.


Travel and Hospitality Solutions

Simple Integration

Connect seamlessly through API Integration or Web Portals to any payment rail, providing you with flexibility, control, security, and speed.

Real Time* Money Movement

Accept or Disbursement Funds in Real Time*. Funds can be instantly deposited into accounts and made available for immediate use.

Security & Stability

Best-in-class Security & Compliance capabilities for Managing Regulatory, Financial and Fraud Risk. Mastercard and Visa Certified.

Risk Management

Provides real-time Visibility and multi-level Transaction Controls. Including Transaction limits, Velocity controls, plus the ability to Approve or Reject a Payment.