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AptPay: Location detection solution

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What Are Geo-Location Benefits?

Real-time tracking

Experience seamless real-time tracking, ensuring your business meets regulatory standards for every transaction.

Global discovery

Unearth opportunities with our global discovery feature, designed specifically for businesses ensuring payment compliance.

Proxy detection

Don’t get caught off-guard. With our proxy detection, guaranteeing every money transaction abides by legal regulations.

Trust-first approach

With a trust-first approach, we prioritize your business’s reputation, safeguarding every payment’s compliance integrity.

Live Monitoring

Real-time tracking

Ensuring regulatory and legal compliance for every monetary transfer is paramount. That’s where our Geo-Location Service shines. By leveraging real-time tracking capabilities, businesses gain an unprecedented view of user positions as transactions unfold. This isn’t just about knowing where your users are—it’s about securing your operations, minimizing risks, and ensuring every transaction is above board.

Our advanced integration of GPS, Wi-Fi, and other technologies doesn’t just promise accuracy, it delivers peace of mind. When it comes to compliance, every second counts. Stay ahead, stay compliant.

Real-Time Geo-Location for Compliance
Proxy Detection for Transparent Transactions

Proxy Detection

Detect Proxies, Ensure Protection

In today’s rapidly advancing digital landscape, the act of sending money isn’t just a transaction; it’s a testament to trust and integrity. Businesses need the assurance that every monetary interaction is transparent and genuine. Our Geo-Location Service’s standout feature is its adept proxy detection.

This isn’t just a technical feat—it’s a robust shield against potential compliance pitfalls. No hidden activities, no lurking middlemen, just pure, unadulterated business trust. With our service, you aren’t just detecting proxies; you’re bolstering your business’s reputation, solidifying trust with vendors and customers, and ensuring every transaction aligns with regulatory and legal standards. It’s more than just a tool; it’s your business’s compliance guardian.

Global Compliance

Discover Global, Transact Compliantly

In a world where business borders have faded, the ability to tap into global markets with confidence is crucial. Our Geo-Location Service empowers you with unparalleled global discovery. But it’s not just about reaching worldwide locations—it’s about ensuring each international transaction adheres strictly to regulatory and legal standards.

With our service, businesses unlock the world without the burden of compliance doubt. Every transaction, regardless of its origin or destination, is backed by pinpoint geolocation accuracy. Dive into the vast expanse of global opportunities, knowing that each financial move is both compliant and precise. Your business deserves global reach without compromise.

Global Reach, Compliance Guaranteed

Use Cases

Why Use Geo-Location?

Fraud Detection

Leverage real-time tracking to instantly identify and mitigate potential fraud, safeguarding every business transaction.

Global Discovery

Dive into global markets confidently with our global discovery feature, ensuring every transaction meets regulatory standards.

Tax Compliance

Navigate complex tax landscapes using our proxy detection capabilities, guaranteeing accurate and compliant financial interactions.

Merchant Insights

Gain deeper merchant insights with a trust-first approach, enriching relationships while upholding transactional integrity.

Our Space

Spaces We’re Disrupting

B2C Payouts

  • Insurance/Healthcare
  • Gig Economy
  • Earned Wage Access
  • Cross-Border Payments
  • Lotteries & Gambling
  • Government Aid
  • Travel
  • Lending

B2B Payments

  • Rapid Merchant Settlements
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cross-Border Payments
  • Online Market Places
Reshaping Industries for the Digital Age
AptPay's orchestration engine overview

Payment Orchestration

What is an Orchestration Engine

AptPay has developed a comprehensive ecosystem that combines payment and compliance services. This orchestration engine consolidates all payment methods, from domestic payment processing to instant fund disbursement and cross-border remittances.

It also integrates verification processes such as KYC, AML checks, sanction screening, and other regulatory assessments, enhancing its overall power and efficiency. Enter the Orchestration Engine. Discover the future of seamless transactions and compliance with AptPay today.


Your Business. Our Platform. Payments Evolved

Seamless Payment Experience: Our platform isn’t just about payments – it’s about powering your business. In today’s fast-paced business world, you can’t afford hitches.

Our platform streamlines your payment processes, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. With easy integration backed by comprehensive documentation, even the least tech-savvy can master our platform, boosting business growth and efficiency.

Powering Payments Solutions For Businesses
AptPay's simple and secure API integration


Unlock Effortless API Integration

Streamline and Secure: Our API solution isn’t just about easing payment processes; it’s about revolutionizing them. When you integrate with our platform, you’re not only streamlining your financial procedures but also ensuring top-notch security.

With encryption and tokenization at its core, you can guarantee your clients that their transactions are in safe hands, while our comprehensive documentation makes the integration journey as smooth as silk.