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Improve Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty with Faster Payments  

92% of healthcare consumers say convenience is an important factor when choosing a primary care provider.  

72% of healthcare consumers are confused by their medical bills, and 40% of providers fail to collect over $31,713 a year from patients.  

67% of healthcare consumers want digital and electronic payment options, such as receiving eStatements and paying online, and 81% of consumers want to pay their health plan premiums online.

The Future of Healthcare: Quick and Convenient Payment Systems


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Elevate Your Revenue Cycle Today

EFT/ACH Credit for Provider Payments

Enhanced efficiency in healthcare payments

  • Ensures rapid fund disbursement to healthcare providers from entities like insurance companies
  • Provides a reliable schedule for outgoing healthcare payments
  • Offers secure transactions with reduced risk of fraud or theft
  • Streamlines the accounts payable process within the healthcare industry
  • Compatible with a wide range of financial institutions
  • Easily integrates with existing financial systems

Direct Debit for Patient Billing

Efficient healthcare payments collection 

  • Simplifies payment collection. 
  • Ensures regular income. 
  • High-level security features. 
  • Reduces administrative tasks. 
  • Patient Convenience 
  • Minimizes manual mistakes 
  • Supports varied billing schedules. 
  • Wide Bank Network Compatibility 
  • Handles multiple currencies 

Apt-Send for Quick Settlements

Accelerate Reimbursements and Payments 

  • Facilitate quick refunds for overpayments or cancellations 
  • Promptly pay suppliers for medical equipment, supplies, or pharmaceuticals 
  • Provide immediate funds for urgent healthcare needs or operations 
  • Real-time* fund availability 
  • Covers all major bank accounts in Canada & USA 
  • Operational around the clock, every day of the year 
  • Multiple options for settlement to fit diverse healthcare needs


Improve Your Payment Experience


Reduce Administrative Costs

The automation of payment processing reduces paperwork and errors, saving time and money for both health plans and providers.


Improve Cash Flow and Efficiency

The faster delivery and reconciliation of funds improves the financial performance and stability of the healthcare industry.


Offer More Choice and Convenience

The flexibility of recurring payments allows customers to pay their bills or fees without hassle or delay.


Increase Customer Retention

The reliability and consistency of electronic payments increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, reducing the risk of losing customers to competitors.


Healthcare Grade Solutions

Simple Integration

Connect seamlessly through API Integration or Web Portals to any payment rail, providing you with flexibility, control, security, and speed.

Real Time* Money Movement

Accept or Disbursement Funds in Real Time*. Funds can be instantly deposited into accounts and made available for immediate use.

Security & Stability

Best-in-class Security & Compliance capabilities for Managing Regulatory, Financial and Fraud Risk. Mastercard and Visa Certified.

Risk Management

Provides real-time Visibility and multi-level Transaction Controls. Including Transaction limits, Velocity controls, plus the ability to Approve or Reject a Payment.