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AptPay's Real Estate Payment Solutions
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Costly Traditional Payment Methods

According to a survey by the National Multifamily Housing Council, 78% of property managers still accept paper checks as a form of payment, even though they cost an average of $4.25 to process.

AptPay's alternative to Expensive Paper Check Processing in Real estate


Payments Reimagined for Real Estate

Discover How Our Solutions Drive Growth

Apt-Send: Rapid Commissions

Instant Payments, Instant Satisfaction 

  • Disburse commissions to agents in real time. 
  • Funds pulled and available within minutes 
  • 24/7/365 Availability 
  • Universal Bank Account Compatibility 

Auto Deposit: Rent Simplified

Automate Rent and Mortgage Payments Effortlessly 

  • Pay home owners, vendors, employees, and contractors seemlessly
  • Customizable Payment Scheduling 
  • Accessible for all bank accounts in Canada & USA 
  • 24/7 Operation

Direct Debit: Simplify Mortgages

Streamline Mortgage Repayments with Ease 

  • Easy Mortgage Repayment Setup 
  • Accessible for all bank accounts in Canada & USA. 
  • 24/7 Operation 
  • Safe and reliable automated payment system



Cost-Effective Payment Processing

Switching to these payment solutions can lead to substantial cost savings. Traditional payment methods often incur higher processing fees and administrative costs. Our solutions reduce these expenses, enabling real estate businesses to allocate funds more strategically.


Enhanced Tenant and Client Satisfaction

Providing convenient and flexible payment options aligns with modern consumer preferences. This not only makes transactions easier for tenants and clients but also enhances their overall satisfaction with the real estate service.


Increased Transaction Efficiency

By adopting AptPay’s payment methods, real estate businesses can significantly speed up their transactions. This efficiency reduces the time spent on processing payments like rent, mortgages, and agent commissions, allowing for quicker, more efficient business operations.


Improved Cash Flow Management

With Direct Debit and Auto Deposit, real estate companies can enjoy more predictable and consistent cash flow. Automated payment schedules ensure timely collection of rents and fees, helping businesses manage their finances more effectively.


Greater Financial Security and Compliance

Our payment solutions offer advanced security features, protecting against fraud and unauthorized transactions. They also comply with financial regulations, ensuring that real estate businesses operate within legal financial frameworks, thereby enhancing trust and credibility.


Real Estate Solutions

Simple Integration

Connect seamlessly through API Integration or Web Portals to any payment rail, providing you with flexibility, control, security, and speed.

Real Time* Money Movement

Accept or Disbursement Funds in Real Time*. Funds can be instantly deposited into accounts and made available for immediate use.

Security & Stability

Best-in-class Security & Compliance capabilities for Managing Regulatory, Financial and Fraud Risk. Mastercard and Visa Certified.

Risk Management

Provides real-time Visibility and multi-level Transaction Controls. Including Transaction limits, Velocity controls, plus the ability to Approve or Reject a Payment.