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Instant Access to Winnings

According to a survey by Trustly, 94% of online gamers want instant access to their winnings, and 80% would gamble more frequently with a site that offers instant payouts.  

However, only 10% of online gaming operators offer instant withdrawals, and the average withdrawal time is 3.5 days. This creates a gap between customer expectations and reality, and may affect customer loyalty and retention. 

Person playing games with access to instant winnings through Apt Pay


Powering Payments, Enhancing Experiences

Seamless and Secure Money Movement for Gamers and Operators


Enable instant payouts and withdrawals for your gamers and partners. 

  • Instant Player Rewards and Payouts 
  • Rapid Account Withdrawals 
  • Universal Reach 
  • Round-the-Clock Availability 
  • Seamless Integration

Auto Deposit

Simplify and automate your payment processes with direct bank transfers. 

  • Cost-effective electronic payment  
  • Enables faster funds transfer compared to traditional paper-based methods
  • Adaptable to high-volume transactions 
  • Broad Banking Reach 
  • Lower fees than alternative methods. 
  • Funds go directly to accounts

Direct Debit

Enhance your customer experience and retention with convenient and flexible payment options.

  • Automatically collect recurring fees for premium gaming services or memberships 
  • Enable players to set up direct debit for regular or repeat in-game transactions 
  • Allow players to top up their gaming accounts regularly 
  • Collect payments from advertisers or sponsors on a recurring basis 
  • Open Banking Compatibility 
  • 24/7 Transaction Facility


Reach More Gamers, Earn More Revenue


Speedy Payouts and Withdrawals

Our solutions provide faster and more convenient payout and withdrawal options for gamers. This rapid access to winnings enhances customer satisfaction, strengthens loyalty, and improves retention rates, creating a more enticing gaming environment.


Reduced Costs for Operators

With lower transaction fees, minimal chargebacks, and reduced currency conversion costs, our payment solutions significantly improve profitability and cash flow for gaming operators. These cost savings contribute to a more financially sustainable and competitive gaming platform.


Diverse Payment Options for Gamers

Offering a range of payment methods, including Direct Debit and Auto Deposit, caters to the varied preferences and needs of gamers. This flexibility ensures that every gamer finds a convenient and familiar way to manage their transactions, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Streamlined Payment Integration and Processing

Our payment platforms facilitate easy and secure integration, simplifying the operational complexity for operators. This streamlined processing reduces the risk associated with financial transactions, ensuring a safe and reliable gaming environment.


Elevated Customer Experience and Engagement

By improving the financial aspects of gaming, we contribute to a superior customer experience. Enhanced payment convenience and security lead to increased gamer engagement. Social gaming gateways offer unique opportunities for players to interact and compete in immersive environments, strengthening the brand’s reputation and fostering long-term loyalty among its user base.


Social Gaming Solutions

Simple Integration

Connect seamlessly through API Integration or Web Portals to any payment rail, providing you with flexibility, control, security, and speed.

Real Time* Money Movement

Accept or Disbursement Funds in Real Time*. Funds can be instantly deposited into accounts and made available for immediate use.

Security & Stability

Best-in-class Security & Compliance capabilities for Managing Regulatory, Financial and Fraud Risk. Mastercard and Visa Certified.

Risk Management

Provides real-time Visibility and multi-level Transaction Controls. Including Transaction limits, Velocity controls, plus the ability to Approve or Reject a Payment.