Your Payment Partner for the Insurance Industry

Industry Information

Quick Payouts Win Loyalty

82% of insurance customers said that fast payouts are important to them, and 36% said they would switch to a different provider if they experienced slow payouts.

24% of insurance customers said they would cancel their policy altogether if they experienced payout delays.


Solutions to Foster Customer Loyalty

Real Time* Money Movement for Claims and Premiums

Apt-Send for Rapid Claims

Settle Insurance Claims in Real Time* 

  • Claims paid within minutes 
  • Immediate Funds Availability* 
  • Covers all bank accounts in Canada & USA 
  • Service operational 24/7/365 
  • Diverse settlement options 

EFT/ACH Credit for Efficient Payments

Effortless Electronic Claims Settlement 

  • Simple, electronic credits to policyholder accounts 
  • Wide reach across all banking networks 
  • Flexible transaction limits and timing 
  • Open Banking integration 

Real-Time Payments for Instant Premiums

Optimize Premium Collection with Instant Payments 

  • Immediate Funds Confirmation 
  • No more waiting for checks or wires 
  • 24/7/365 Availability 
  • Enhanced Policyholder Experience


Empower Your Policyholders


Enhance Customer Loyalty

Quick claim payouts mean satisfied customers, leading to increased loyalty and referrals.


Gain Competitive Edge

Offering instant settlements differentiates your service in a competitive market.


Minimize Risk

Electronic payments reduce the risk of errors and fraud in claim processing through enhanced security measures, automated verifications, and real-time transaction monitoring.


Reduce Costs

Check handling is costly. Digital solutions are more cost-effective and can help you save significantly on traditional money-handling costs.


Insurance Grade Solutions

Solutions Tailored for Insurance Excellence

Seamless Integration

Easy integration into existing systems, providing efficiency and reliability.

Real Time Claims Processing*

Instant processing and disbursement of funds, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Security & Compliance

Adherence to industry standards and regulations for secure transactions.

Risk Management

Advanced controls for transaction monitoring and fraud prevention.