In the ever-evolving digital era, the ability to conduct financial transactions online is a necessity. This is where services like RBS WorldPay come into the picture. But what exactly is RBS WorldPay? Let’s dive in and explore this topic further.

What is RBS WorldPay?

RBS WorldPay, a prominent name in the world of digital transactions, is a payment processing company that enables businesses to accept payments online, over the phone, and in person.

The History of RBS WorldPay

The roots of RBS WorldPay can be traced back to the late 1980s. However, the brand as we know it today was born from a series of mergers and acquisitions, including a significant one with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

RBS and WorldPay: The Merger

RBS acquired WorldPay in the early 2000s, leading to the birth of RBS WorldPay. This collaboration aimed to increase the global reach and enhance the services of both entities.

Services Offered by RBS WorldPay

RBS WorldPay is known for providing a comprehensive suite of services to businesses of all sizes.

Online Payment Solutions

The primary service offered by RBS WorldPay is online payment processing. This feature enables businesses to accept a wide range of online payments, making it easier for customers to shop and pay online. Find out how AptPay is changing the Payment ProcessorsIndustry.

Mobile Payment Solutions

In today’s mobile-first world, RBS WorldPay also offers mobile payment solutions. This allows businesses to process transactions on the go, providing an extra layer of convenience for both the business and its customers.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

RBS WorldPay provides POS systems that enable businesses to accept payments in person. These systems are equipped with the latest technology to make transactions quick, secure, and efficient.

Fraud Protection Services

In addition to facilitating transactions, RBS WorldPay also offers services aimed at preventing fraud. This ensures businesses and customers can transact with peace of mind, knowing their data and finances are secure.

Benefits of Using RBS WorldPay

RBS WorldPay’s comprehensive suite of services provides several benefits to its users.

Efficiency and Convenience

With RBS WorldPay’s solutions, businesses can accept payments from customers around the globe, anytime and anywhere. This level of efficiency and convenience can significantly enhance the customer experience and increase a business’s potential for growth.

Security and Fraud Prevention

One of the significant advantages of using RBS WorldPay is the robust security measures it employs. Its advanced fraud protection services help safeguard businesses and their customers against potential cyber threats.

Global Reach

Another notable benefit of RBS WorldPay is its global reach. It supports a wide range of currencies and payment methods, making it easier for businesses to expand their operations globally. If you are looking for an EFT Processor take a look at AptPay.

Comparing RBS WorldPay to Other Payment Systems

It’s always helpful to compare services to understand which one might suit a business’s needs best.

RBS WorldPay vs. PayPal

Both RBS WorldPay and PayPal offer similar services, but there are differences. PayPal may be more recognized due to its earlier entry into the market, but RBS WorldPay offers more comprehensive payment solutions, including its fraud protection services.

RBS WorldPay vs. Stripe

Like PayPal, Stripe is another popular payment processing platform. Stripe’s advantage lies in its developer-friendly services. However, RBS WorldPay offers more in-depth fraud protection and supports a wider range of payment methods, which can be crucial for businesses with a global customer base.


In conclusion, RBS WorldPay is an efficient and secure payment processing service that offers a wide range of features. Its comprehensive suite of services, coupled with its global reach and robust security measures, makes it an excellent choice for businesses seeking to enhance their payment processing capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is RBS WorldPay?

RBS WorldPay is a payment processing service that allows businesses to accept payments online, over the phone, and in person.

What services does RBS WorldPay offer?

RBS WorldPay offers a variety of services, including online and mobile payment processing, POS systems, and fraud protection services.

How does RBS WorldPay compare to other payment processing platforms like PayPal and Stripe?

RBS WorldPay offers more comprehensive payment solutions and supports a wider range of payment methods compared to PayPal and Stripe. Additionally, it provides advanced fraud protection services.

What are the benefits of using RBS WorldPay?

Benefits of using RBS WorldPay include efficiency, convenience, robust security measures, and a wide global reach.

Is RBS WorldPay safe to use?

Yes, RBS WorldPay employs robust security measures, including advanced fraud protection services, to ensure the safety of transactions.