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Industry Information

Revolutionize Your Payment Process: Save Time and Money

According to a report by PwC, manual invoicing and payment processes can result in high administrative costs, errors, delays, and disputes.  

The report estimates that the average cost of processing an invoice in the logistics sector is $11, and the average time to process an invoice is 34.4 days.  

The report also suggests that digitizing the invoicing and payment processes can reduce the cost by 60% and the time by 80%.

Transform Logistics Payments: Faster, Cheaper


Solutions to Streamline Your Logistics Payments

Fast and Secure Money Movement for the Logistics Industry


Send funds in near real time to customers, suppliers, and workers. 

  • Instant payouts, disbursements, and fund transfers 
  • Funds accessible within minutes 
  • All bank accounts in Canada & USA 
  • Available 24/7/365 
  • Cross-border payment options available 
  • Expedite payments for expedited logistics services. 
  • Reduce float time, optimizing working capital. 
  • Seamless integration with logistics financial ecosystems. 

Auto Deposit (EFT or ACH Credit)

Convenient and efficient payment automation 

  • Cost-efficient 
  • Automate salary disbursements and operational expenses effortlessly. 
  • Ensure timely payments for vehicle and cargo insurance. 
  • Fast, reliable transfer of funds directly to bank accounts. 
  • Reduce administrative workload and errors. 
  • Reach all bank accounts 
  • Flexible limits and timing options 
  • Open banking options available

Direct Debit

Collect payments from customers, vendors, and renters automatically and securely 

  • Reduce the risk of late or missed payments 
  • Offer convenience and flexibility in payment frequency and amount 
  • Reduce the administrative costs and errors associated with invoicing and billing 
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention 


Driving Logistics Forward: The Power of Streamlined Payments


Enhanced Cost Efficiency

Implementing our digital payment solutions drastically cuts down on the traditional invoicing and disbursement costs in logistics. This change reduces the reliance on manual processes, lowers administrative burdens, and minimizes the expenses linked to physical check processing and cash handling.


Streamlined Supply Chain Payments

Our products facilitate seamless and rapid transactions across the supply chain. From supplier payments to freight settlements, the automation and speed of our solutions ensure that every financial touchpoint in the supply chain operates with peak efficiency, reducing delays and enhancing throughput.


Improved Cash Flow Management

By accelerating the speed of transactions, our solutions offer better control over cash flow. This is crucial in logistics for managing operational expenses, ensuring timely fuel purchases, vehicle maintenance, and other critical outlays, thus maintaining uninterrupted supply chain operations.


Reduced Transaction Times

The reduction in transaction processing times is a game-changer in logistics. Faster payments mean quicker turnaround times for freight and cargo services, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and an improved business reputation.


Easier Cross-Border Transactions

Our payment solutions simplify the complexities of cross-border financial transactions. This is particularly beneficial in international logistics, where dealing with foreign currencies and varying banking regulations can be challenging.


Logistics Grade Solutions

Simple Integration

Connect seamlessly through API Integration or Web Portals to any payment rail, providing you with flexibility, control, security, and speed.

Real Time* Money Movement

Accept or Disbursement Funds in Real Time*. Funds can be instantly deposited into accounts and made available for immediate use.

Security & Stability

Best-in-class Security & Compliance capabilities for Managing Regulatory, Financial and Fraud Risk. Mastercard and Visa Certified.

Risk Management

Provides real-time Visibility and multi-level Transaction Controls. Including Transaction limits, Velocity controls, plus the ability to Approve or Reject a Payment.