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Meet Suganthan Vishnu Krisnarajah (Kris), Whose Startup AptPay Has Taken Over the Fintech World

Suganthan Vishnu Krisnarajah, AptPay Founder

His visions and genius have resulted in this one of a kind startup that has made things easier for people and businesses and governments.

The world today is running on various advanced technologies. Experts a few years ago had hinted how the digital wave would take over almost all industries, and today, we are living that reality. Especially, the pandemic pushed brands and businesses to adopt newer technological advancements and give way for more development, growth and modern-way for running businesses. The fintech world was one that saw many new players stepping in to bring the wave of good change and make things convenient for people like digital payments. “Innovating something that can aid people in making safer and convenient payments online was the need of the hour,” highlights one such high-performing and driven serial entrepreneur named Suganthan Vishnu Krisnarajah, who has heavily contributed to the growth of the fintech world over the years and continues to do with his modern-day fintech startup called “AptPay”.

Kris is the one who envisioned a much simpler, convenient and helpful platform that could help people and businesses with the convenience of smarter online payments. Thus came into being AptPay, the Canadian startup, which is a single, multipurpose payment processing platform. It is a one-stop omnichannel digital push payment platform that power disbursement payment services instantly for businesses across a network of connected financial institutions.

The ace entrepreneur initially came up with the idea of his startup when he witnessed the pain points of disbursing funds with all the current tools available in the market. Also, how it was dependent on labour-intensive work when he ran his cheque processing company, where tasks involved check re-issuance, customer support, fraud, exception handling, etc. All of these tasks proved to be much of a hassle, and faster fund transfers were not possible. Hence, Kris decided to revolutionize the fintech space and understood how digital payments were used for e-commerce and automated the order to cash process. This motivated him to create something that could give a great user experience for commercial disbursement.

AptPay comes as a ray of good hope to help businesses utilize contactless payments and for faster transfer of funds. It has now built a payment system for businesses, individuals, and technology companies to process cross-border and domestic payouts across different countries. Kris with AptPay wants to democratize digital disbursements worldwide, making them faster, safer and simpler.

AptPay even partnered with MasterCard to support its vision, which has allowed the startup to grow more. It also enables Casinos to instantly disburse winnings directly to bank accounts, fintech lenders who want real-time loan fundings and governments for distributing benefits to the citizens. Kris, over the years, has proved his mettle in the industry, and with AptPay, he only wants to take his legacy forward.