Press Releases

The President of AptPay Suganthan Vishnu Krisnarajah, Made Headlines with the News on Partnering with NRT Technology.

Kris, the visionary founder, President and chairman of “AptPay”, founded AptPay to inspire the FinTech (Financial Technology) world.

Both distinctive providers; AptPay and NRT set up an instant payout service to ease up payments in the gaming and casino industry called smartSEND.

He believes that over the decades, we have witnessed countless technological advances to speed up industries to the next level of growth and thrive. With such dynamics impacting industries and verticals, it was critical to comprehend how the procedure of making payments also should change. It was of high significance in an unprecedented time such as the pandemic. How could the gaming and casino industry be any different from other sectors?

AptPay the revolutionary payment processor has attracted many headlines in a very short span of time, thanks to the visions and intentions with which it has been created. AptPay is a platform with the objective of helping people, businesses and governments to make simpler, safer, and faster online payments. Via this platform individuals and organizations of all natures and sizes are able to send money both locally and internationally. AptPay is becoming the go-to payment processor for almost all. AptPay recently joined hands with MasterCard and NRT Technology to further convenient digital payments in the casino and gaming sector; in an incredibly high- speed industry where patrons want payments to be made near real-time into bank accounts, mobile wallets, or prepaid cards.

The service is named “smartSEND”, and will be available for all types of casinos, land-based and online, across North America through NRT Technology. This was recently launched at the G2E, The Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. This newly designed method utilizes MasterCard Send, the global push payments platform that sends funds securely and in near real-time into an account or payment card.

Elaborating on the subject, Kris stated that FinTech and RegTech have been combined, to protect both businesses and consumers at the same time and level. With AptPay, they have made faster and safer online payments possible in real-time and also meticulously been monitoring transactions. AptPay’s differentiator is that the services is offered 24/7/365, including evenings and weekends.

Illuminating on the gaming industry and its constant growth, Kris ( pin pointed that digitalization in the industry has been on the constant rise enabled by online gambling. However, many land-based sites want personalized and efficient services. This is when smartSEND comes to play to provide an enhanced entertainment experience to customers.

As the gaming industry keeps flourishing, FinTech processors like AptPay ( get the opportunity to impact the market in a positive way and make online payments/ transfers more convenient, more so in the casino and gaming industry, with the vision for democratizing digital disbursements in a global scale.